Pepper Spray – The Deadliest, Cheapest Self Defense Weapon Out There

How many times have you thought about joining self-defense classes for your safety? How many houses must there be that carry guns to protect against intruders? If the answer is multiple times and countless homes, you need to rethink your safety precautions. It is time to realize that safety doesn’t have to be achieved at the cost of your life or someone else’s. You can protect yourself without dabbling with technical, heavy-duty weapons and antics. Pepper spray is the single most effective tool against predators, intruders, robbers, and shooters. And as opposed to dangerous weapons like guns or knives, its impact is temporary but significant. 

The Characteristics of Pepper Spray 

  • The mechanism of Pepper Spray is relatively simple. It is a small bottle that contains deadly pepper oils and chemicals. 
  • The heat of the pepper spray is meant to blind your attacker temporarily, so they get thrown off guard.
  • The spray is strong and stingy, but it doesn’t have a permanent effect, so it’s not lethal to use. 
  • Most sprays would also have a dye in them that would stain the face of the attacker. This feature allows the police to locate and arrest criminals who got away after being sprayed. 

How To Use Pepper Spray For Maximum Effect 

While there’s no rocket science involved in using pepper spray, some techniques will help you use them effectively. 

  1. Every pepper spray works pretty much like a deodorant; you press the nozzle to spray the liquid. 
  2. Always keep your pepper spray, nozzle-side away from your face. 
  3. Remove the cap, so you don’t fumble with it when you are in dire need of the spray.
  4. Keep your finger on the nozzle and directed in front of you so you can spray instantly when needed.
  5. If you’re attacked, aim the spray into the attacker’s eyes and nose for maximum effect.
  6. You can also use the spray to get someone else out of trouble if you’re at a distance. Approach the criminal from behind and spray them in the face when they turn around.
  7. You might not always have the chance to tackle your attacker face-to-face. If you are restrained, you can aim the spray upward and have them inhale the vapors.

The Types of Pepper Spray You Can Get

While most pepper sprays will look the same and have the same function, some key factors exist. Each spray is made to affect the eyes and respiration, so you can get the one most comfortable to use. 

  • The most common type of spray you will find is police pepper spray. It is easy to carry this strapped to the belt of your uniform. Police officers often have a built-in pocket for their sprays to retrieve them instantly. Sprays will often come in small canisters, so they are easier to carry.
  • The second innovative device you can get is the pepper spray keychain. If you don’t have a belt to wear the spray every day, you have your keys. You can attach the pepper spray ring to your house or car keys to carry it everywhere you go. It is a relatively convenient weapon to have on the go that requires minimal supervision.
  • Women are usually the second most ordinary people to buy or use pepper sprays. You will find a wide variety of pink pepper spray specifically designed for them. Although the contents are pretty much the same, the pink can makes it easy to disguise as a deodorant. 

Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray?

Thankfully buying pepper spray is relatively more accessible in the United States than in other countries. Due to the effective use of the spray against criminals, it’s legal to use as a self defense weapon. You can probably find them at every weapon store as well as high-end supermarkets. 

If you want to buy pepper spray that’s highly effective yet affordable, you’re in luck. Pepper spray as a weapon is quite affordable anyway, but you can find places that sell them for cheaper. Another great source to find cheap pepper spray is online stores. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have many stores and outlets; you may have to rely on online shopping. 

PAKnives is the primary online source for the best pepper spray gun in the country. They are wholesale dealers of premium self-defense weapons that have an impressive collection of sprays. You can count on their products to deliver effectiveness and swift-action. 

The average pepper spray price may vary from $10 to $20, depending on where you buy it from. You are also most likely to get a lower rate than the stock market one in the PA Knives store. Whether you’re a police officer or a regular person, you are entitled to safety. Explore the range of high-quality pepper spray for sale online without worrying about your budget.

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