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How To Earn From Home During This Quarantine

COVID-19 has made many of us feel like we’re home during a delight summer. Everyone is refining themselves to conquer this challenge and being the best survivors. Planning to discuss food, sanitary needs along with preserving workplace control. we gather, set up computers, good communication channels, and festoon from working on a comfortable space in our house. It came to light initially as fun waiting for the impact to fade. we could sense the excitement of people working from home, slipping into their cozy pajamas, and taking breaks whenever they want. That sounds amazing, right? But as the time is passing by we are not in the excitement anymore. It has taken away the excitement of staying at home. We’re all planning to set up a routine earn from home for this new normal lifestyle that once was a paradise.

Everyone is curious about how to earn money from home without any investment so today we are gonna share some ideas to make money from home that even students or anyone in the job field can pick to make money online while under house arrest.

CSR (customer service representative)

Customer service is one of the best job which provides access from home to work. On behalf of any organization, CSR (customer service agents) communicate with consumers. They can communicate over the phone, email, or fax with a customer. If you have good communication skills, ability to handle complaints and can provide information on the services and products of an organization, then this is the perfect job for you during this quarantine.

Amazon has announced that it will hire 100,000 additional jobs during this quarantine period to handle all online customers. Furthermore, LinkedIn, Bdjobs, and several other career groups on Facebook have many positions for CSR (customer service agents).

Graphic designing and data entry

If you have any relevant skills then freelancing is one of the best way to earn money from home. Most students make money online by doing jobs in the field of graphic designing and data entry. Even a person who’s already doing a job or anyone who wants extra money in their wallet can do freelancing.

You can find different freelancing data entry jobs online on Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, etc, you can simply signup and start making money.

Online Tutor

We know that all educational institutions are closed because of COVID-19, So at this time teachers or non-teachers who have a computer with a good-quality web camera and are experts in a particular subject can do online tutoring. In addition, those who are fluent in a foreign language can take this profession on board. Even experienced students can sign up on many sites. It will help make some extra money during this pandemic.

You can find different Online tutoring websites on google like Tutorvista, Brainfuse, AmazeTutors, etc. The payment of every lecture is given to tutors according to their experience, advanced degrees, skills, and subjects. In addition, some sites also exist for foreign tutors. For example, VIPKid focuses on teaching the native Chinese speakers English as a second language. If you aren’t interested in academic tutoring, websites like Udemy will provide you with virtual classes for everything they can teach including photography and graphic designing courses, etc.


Blogging is a perfect way to make money and the biggest benefit is you can do it from home. it takes time, but when everyone has lots of time at home now then this is the best way to start online earning. Once your blog begins to generate a significant amount of traffic it will provide you with a consistent income for years. Furthermore, one can do affiliate marketing by promoting products of other people for a commission on one’s blog.

If you want to write a blog, you need to pick any subject you ‘re passionate about, so you can easily create content on it and generate traffic to your website. You can also connect your website with google Adsense to earn more money.


You can also start a YouTube channel for making money from home. If you want to know that how to create a youtube channel and make money then all you need to be a confident person in front of a video camera and have a mobile or computer with internet access then you can start a channel like blogging, it allows you to share the content that you are passionate about. you just need to choose the suitable category or subject of videos to ensure that the videos are educational and interesting to viewers.

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