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Give gifts to the poor people around you on Diwali

People who find it hard to fulfill the basic necessities of their families are considered poor because they fall below the poverty line. They do hard work but cannot make both ends meet. Diwali is a festival of celebrating happiness and you should share happiness and love with these people by giving Diwali gifts to them. People who are wage earners or who get less salary are poor or the people who are not in the condition to earn money but these should not be confused with the people who are physically fit and begging money from or other things from other people. There can be many beggars who try to befool you by pretending to be helpless and needy but you should beware of them. You should help only those people who really need some help and you can make them happy in the following ways.

Donate your old things to poor people

Winter has almost started, so you can donate your old blanket to those people who can not afford to buy them. Your dress which you have worn only once or twice and you do not want to wear it again, can be given to someone who would love to wear the same. Your closet would probably have things that you no longer require and can be given to those who are in need of them like the pair of shoes which are unfit for you. People also buy new furniture, new curtains, new mattresses and new bed sheets on Diwali, thus they can give the old ones to those who need them.

Give sweets to the destitute on Diwali

Children love eating sweets and different food items. Poor children cannot afford to buy them because they hardly get money for their basic needs. They sometimes suffer from malnutrition because they cannot afford to have healthy food. You can buy them Diwali sweets which should have dry fruits, nuts, or other healthy ingredients. For the proper growth of children, they need all kinds of food in equal amounts. If they will not eat properly then their growth can suffer. Hence, you can donate poor children healthy sweets on Diwali. You can donate sweets in orphanages as per the choice of children and you can visit old age homes to give healthy snacks which are suitable for old age people. Apart from these people, there are people who work in your homes like your gardener, your maid, watchman, or the person who washes your car, who are not so financially good, therefore you can make them happy by gifting them sweets and snacks on Diwali.

Buy them new clothes or shoes of their choice

You can also buy poor children new clothes or shoes from the market which they want to have. You can also give new clothes to your maid, your gardener, watchman or any other person who is working in your house.

Gift of candles and earthen lamps

Along with the above-mentioned things, you can buy them decorative candles and earthen lamps because it is part of rituals Diwali to lit earthen lamps and candles. They should buy them earthen lamps along with oil and cotton wicks. If you have some old earthen lamps then you can also donate them along with new ones.

Gift of time

No doubt they need money and materials because they are poor but there are also many who need love and affection like orphans in orphanages and old aged people in old age homes. Orphans miss the love of their parents and old age people are left alone and feel lonely. You can celebrate Diwali with them and can make their day special.

Some people who donate things and help others show off these things like they make videos of them helping others and post pictures of the same on social media or other platforms. They justify their actions by saying they want to influence others to do things like these but it can be easily understood whether they do to influence others or for their own motives. Those who do not show off can also influence others as people who get help from them praise them and post pictures of them, so they themselves would not have to post their video or picture.

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