Asbestos Management

A Brief Guide for Asbestos Management

It is a well-known fact that asbestos is a toxic material and it must be handled with extreme care at all cost. Even though its usage has been banned in many countries, the presence of this material can be found in several other items.

The managing process and the risks that are associated with it can be complex giving the person responsible with the management task a major headache. Generally, the Duty Holder is responsible for the task of asbestos management plans going smoothly.

Here we have listed a brief guide that can help the Duty Holder in deploying the tasks responsible for asbestos management.

1.    Confirming the presence of asbestos on site

It is a legal requirement to perform a suitable assessment or asbestos survey in any non-domestic building constructed before the year 2000. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is to carry out an expert survey to find any presence of asbestos on site.

Always hire a certified or licensed asbestos survey agency to conduct this vital task. The survey is designed to detect any asbestos containing materials (AMCs) on the premise that have a potential to be damaged or disturbed by any action.

Asbestos fibres are fine airborne particles that can contaminate the environment making it hazardous for building occupants and anyone else coming in contact with it. Through survey proper identification can be done and execute a suitable plan to deal with it.

2.   Undertaking proper training

As a Duty Holder you must undertake proper training in order to understand the requirements for attaining asbestos compliance. If you have the prime role of managing asbestos on site then you must undertake the appropriate asbestos awareness training.

The training offers a crash course on what asbestos is and where can you find them and how harmful can it be. All the important topics related to the management and extraction of asbestos is covered in this training.

With this training, you can establish an applicable knowledge for achieving legal compliance. The training also helps other staff members to work on site safely without causing any hazards.

3.   The asbestos management plan

After proper training and thorough survey performed on site, you have the knowledge whether you need an asbestos management plan. If there is a presence of asbestos in the building then you must require a plan for it.

 The asbestos management plan is a well-documented plan prepared to undertake risk assessments of the ACM’s found on site in the survey report and evaluate those that are most vulnerable and can cause contamination.

It is an important document that is shared to all the people present in the building and the tasks are performed following the guidelines present in the document.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have the responsibility of managing asbestos of a building then you must keep this guide in your mind. Proper asbestos management plans along with other steps enumerated above are necessary to be undertaken for successful asbestos management.

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