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5 Online Courses You Should Do During This Quarantine

If you want to upgrade your knowledge on a topic or learn a whole new skill, there’re plenty of online courses to help you on the way.
Before you start stressing, know that we don’t ask you to sacrifice your life to a professor of droning. Instead, we suggest that you devote a few hours each week to advancing your online career.
We’ve done two things to make the process easier for you. 1st, we chose only classes you can complete in under 10 weeks (with some that can be completed in an hour) and 2nd, we hand-curated this list to ensure that it’s only valuable and interesting courses.

Although YouTube has plenty of videos and podcasts that explicitly cater to learning new skills from various people, the course you are taking is real. You will learn from certified professionals and some of these courses will even give you a certificate for that.

Content Marketing

Having attractive and intriguing content is an aspect of creating a website or any domain from which to access clientele. You need content for industrial products which makes people trust you know what you’re talking about or selling. And if you’re selling services or ideas and concepts, you need to convince your customer that their time is worth your thoughts. Many websites employ content authors and creators of software to add to their web pages. These web developers are skilled in enhancing portal look and feel. Although they do have some skills of their own, many of them are all learned on online courses, like learning what kind of content to create. You can pick the type of content that you want to create to market and choose from various online courses.

Social Media Marketing

Based on a lot of evidence, estimates exist that an average person spends up to 3 hours per day on social media. Any day. There’s a lot of mindless social media and some useful information. There’s a lot going on there in every second and the human mind is trying to imbibe it. On the biggest gathering of people in the contemporary world, you can take this opportunity to draw the desired clientele to you. For example, you wish to sell a specific lipstick brand. You know your main clientele are 20-50 year old women. On their social media, you can find most of this age group, and actively access it.

All that remains is to properly format your content, and you’ll be watching your target clientele arrive like moths in a flame. And to do this, you need to know that all the social media foundations work on it, and how it changes every day to incorporate something new. You need an online course to get along with the times and harness the power which is social media. Social media marketing courses help you get within 24 hours to the nitty-gritty details of social media marketing. There are currently many online courses on sites such as udemy and coursera that help you with this, at a time-independent pace.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Optimization of the search engine is exactly what it sounds like. Whenever you want to look up something, like the meaning of a word, or an article about the best mobile phone below a specific price limit, you notice that there are individual sites that always appear to pop up over others. This isn’t due to some strange algorithm that Google uses, or their choice. It’s all because of the optimisation of the search engine. When adopted, SEO details a specific set of rules that may bump your website to the top of the list for the given keywords. Those rules are short and succinct, but complex. They need time and practice. And in search engine optimization, we have online courses for that. The certificates obtained in these online courses can also help you make your curriculum look better, making you a better prospect for the internships you are applying for.


Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a lucrative career that is fast to come in this setting. People now need pictorial representations and stunning graphics more than ever to convince them to like something. It’s quickly becoming a world out there to see and impress, and people in society who can produce cutting-edge graphics and edit videos to perfection are important. We see more and more youtube videos portraying what people talk about through vectors, rather than just a video of a person talking to a computer. And those vector designs are credited primarily to these graphic designers. While there are, of course, lucrative courses and degrees that specifically teach this, there are also 20 to 24-hour courses on the same topic that deal succinctly with the subject matter and art.

Business and Finance

Understanding how money works will put you right up at the top of the food chain. Whole sciences are attached to understanding how money works. They also discuss how pure words or acts can determine anything. Most of the capital lies in corporate transactions, the stock market rises and falls and carries new highs and lows with it every day. Although all of this may seem boring to a layperson, it is addicting to enjoy the science of money once you understand how money works. There are many online courses that break up the topics in order to address and clarify any part of the business of making money or understanding money. You can always opt for more straightforward courses and move on to more complicated ones as you continue to understand.

Content Writing

As we pointed out earlier, content development is essential for a lot of businesses and businesses. The brand they are projecting may also dictate its selling value. They hire content writers for that reason to come up with exciting content and articulate content to adorn their sites. In addition to this, they are also looking for content writers with a grasp on SEO research. So if you’ve completed courses on both SEO and content writing, there are high chances that you’ll be chosen for an internship in content writing. While not much money is available in this business, it’s a good starting point for all your passions.

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